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Frequently asked questions

Subscription Questions

What does my subscription include?

All subscriptions include everything that we offer on the platform, which includes:

  • Ask the Expert loan scenario desk
  • Charts & Checklists – Guidelines for Each Agency in one place and aggregated guideline charts highlighting all agency and investor guidelines on one chart by subject.
  • Social Media Posts
  • Lunch & Learn Presentations
  • Learning Resources
  • Online Training Classes
  • Mortgage Talking Points™ – Sharable content for marketing, meetings, or referral network
  • Investor Guidelines
  • MI Guidelines
  • State Down Payment Assistance/HFA Guidelines
  • Monthly Guidelines Update
  • Monthly Q&A Issue
  • Archive of Agency Bulletins & Forms
  • Archive of Compliance Regulation & Exam Manuals

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial. However, many of our subscribers start with a monthly subscription and change it to a longer, more economical subscription once they see what our platform has to offer!

I signed up under one plan and need to change it. Can I do this?

Absolutely! Simply send us an email and we will change this for you!

Do you have any discounts?

We offer a few discounts to affiliate partners who promote our services to their members. These discounts are applied to first-time subscribers and only for their first year. We also offer discounts to larger mortgage lenders who actively promote our solution to their staff but are not ready to commit to an enterprise-level account. To see if you qualify for a discount, you can reach us at

How do I manage my team subscription?

Managing your team is easy.  Go to your Account Dashboard under “Team,” from there, you can add, change, or delete team members.

How many people do I need for a team subscription?

Team subscriptions require a minimum of 3 people and one payment source.  This option provides a substantial discount over the individual subscription options.

How do renewals work?

When you subscribe, you are agreeing to auto-renew your subscription. Our system will automatically charge your credit card on file for the next subscription period when the renewal date arrives and email you an invoice. If you do not want to renew, we will miss you, but make sure you cancel your subscription BEFORE your next renewal date!

Following are the renewal time frames.  They are based on your sign-up date.

  • Monthly – Renews each month.
  • Quarterly – Renews once per quarter.
  • Yearly – Renews each year.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. Just visit your Account Dashboard and click on “Subscriptions” then “View” your subscription, and you can cancel your subscription from that page.

If I cancel, will I still have access to my account?

Once you cancel, you have full access to your account until your next renewal date. At that time, the system will deny access to your account. If you change your mind, you can always sign back into your account and re-subscribe.

Website Questions

Am I allowed to share content with anyone?

All of our subscriptions, except for enterprise accounts, are individual accounts. Content cannot be shared with others in your company. However, content such as social media posts and mortgage talking points are there for you to share with your referral network. Items such as charts, presentations, learning resources, and more are copyrighted and may not be shared with anyone as they are for your personal use only.

Where do I find the new content on the site?

We post our new content under “Charts & Checklists” in “Latest Updates.”

How often do you update your charts? Are they kept up-to-date and accurate?

Our charts are updated immediately when guidelines change and when updates are needed to clarify guidance.  This means charts are pulled down and updated frequently depending on what is changing. Our experts review every chart quarterly to ensure all our information is updated.  Additionally, we have tens of thousands of eyes from our subscribers using our charts, and while it is very rare to find an inaccuracy, they will always let us know! We recommend that you use the charts hosted on our platform and not any printed copies that you have, as the site has the most up-to-date content. Further, we provide the section of the guidelines for you to review for further information or to verify any guidance.

How often do you update your other materials?

All of our resources are updated when a guideline changes. We also employ industry experts to review every piece of our content quarterly and ask them to suggest further updates or clarifications.

How do you notify subscribers of guideline changes?

When an agency issues a bulletin, our technical lead reviews the bulletin to determine the urgency of the guideline change.  If the change may affect loans in your pipeline or is a rule that goes into effect quickly, our team immediately emails our subscribers and posts the change on our social media sites. If the change is not urgent, the guideline update will be in the monthly rules issue.

How do I use the search library?

The search library is a fast and easy way to find our available information based on your interest.  When you type in a keyword, the system will show you what is available from our resources.  You can reduce the search results by filtering based on agency or resource type.

How do I find what I need quickly?

If you know what type of document you want, such as a comparison chart, lunch and learn, or learning resource, etc., go to that page. If you want to know everything that our site offers on a particular subject, use the search library. The search library is a fast and easy way to find what you need.

What happens if I can’t find an answer to my question?

Over 90% of your questions can be answered quickly from our resources.  However, our experts with 30+ years of experience can answer your question if you have a complex or unique situation.  Simply go to “Ask the Experts” and complete the contact form. Your question will be assigned to the appropriate expert.

How do I grow my business using this platform?

Educating yourself and your referral audience is the number one way to succeed in this industry.  That’s why we provide resources to help your knowledge grow, fast answers to your questions, and marketing content to keep you engaged with your audience.  With our easy-to-use resources, new and experienced originators get the support they need to become the home financing expert in their network!

Can I auto-post the social media posts?

Automated marketing leaves you at the bottom of the newsfeed which is why we do not offer auto-posting.  When you auto-post, the social networks flag that post and push it to the bottom of your network’s newsfeed, which means they are not likely to see it.  However, if you post organically which is just a simple copy and paste of our content, the social media network algorithms move your post higher up in the newsfeed.