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FHA – Defining a “30 Day Late Payment”


Our client had a bankruptcy, so we needed a credit supplement for the mortgage rating. In the meantime, the loan processor received the mortgage payment printout, and we noticed that in two of the months, the mortgage payment due on the 1st was paid on the 31st. Is this considered a 30-day late payment?


FHA considers “in the month due,” so it’s easier for them to say 30 days late because there are more months with 30 days than 31. Paying the last day of the month is still within the month due but contradicts their 30-day comment.

That said, we contacted the FHA Resource Center to get further information for you.

Here is the answer from HUD:

“Thank you for contacting the FHA Resource Center. The information you requested in response to the above-referenced service request.

A Mortgage Payment is considered delinquent if not paid within the month due.”