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FHA – Union Jobs – Employment History


I have a client who has worked for the union for 23 years as a heavy equipment operator. He has been sent to 11 different employers within the last two years. Each is short-term: 6 months here , 4 months, and even 1 month. He has been at his most recent employer for 4 months. Can we do an FHA loan for him with only months on the job and this work history?


FHA makes an exception for borrowers who work out of a trade union when considering “stability of employment.” (See guideline below.) So, to answer your question, your borrower will not have a minimum time that they must be at the current job. FHA guidelines have been met as long as the borrower has been steadily employed for the last 2 years.


4000.1 II.A.4.c
xi. Additional Required Analysis of Stability of Employment Income (TOTAL)
(A) Frequent Changes in Employment
If the Borrower has changed employers more than three times in the previous 12-month period, or has changed lines of work, the Mortgagee must take additional steps to verify and document the stability of the Borrower’s Employment Income. Additional analysis is not required for fields of employment that regularly require a Borrower to work for various employers (such as Temp Companies or Union Trades). The Mortgagee must obtain:

  • transcripts of training and education demonstrating qualification for a new position; or
  • employment documentation evidencing continual increases in income and/or benefits.